“Do unto others as you would have them do to you,” said the heart-awakened Jesus. “Consider others as yourself,” said Buddha, the great bodhisattva.
The Center invites the beloved community to answer the call to break open their hearts in selfless service to the One who walks through all feet, and to incorporate sacred service as a vital aspect of individual spiritual practice. The Center exists to assist individuals in cultivating a heart of love as wide as the world, creating a world that works for everyone.
The Resources Director serves as the link between the Center and those who wish to serve in its ministries, on service teams, in programs and/or administrative departments. When a need for volunteers is forwarded to the coordinator calls are made to those individuals who have enlisted in Sacred Service, offering them the opportunity to be of service in the areas where a need has been identified.
 Service Opportunities:
If you would like to learn how your gifts, talents and professional skills may be of service at the Center contact us by phone or email below.
We love and appreciate you!
Contact: Jane Westbrook