Enough Is Enough

I know so many people right now who are shouting at their Facebook feeds and news reports, “Enough is enough!” In fact, what it really feels like is “It is too much!” Which is another way of saying, “I’m not enough.”

It’s tough going in a lot of ways right now, my friends. Of course we’re feeling pulled apart and spread thin. Of course many of us are wondering if we’re sufficient to the needs of the world, sufficient to the call of our own lives.

What I keep having to remind myself, and what I want to remind everyone, is that we are enough. Enough is what we are, enough and more. There’s nobody qualified to be you like you, me like me. And everything is an invitation for us to be more fully and truly ourselves — which, in the end, is absolutely everything.

I can’t wait to see you Saturday for our service of song & celebration at 6:00. Join us for community & cheer at 5:30. XO, Drew