Hold Me Tight

The word “affluence” literally means “plentiful flow.” To feel affluent is to experience good fortune pouring through our lives.

I’ve been thinking about the areas of life in which I feel this sort of abundant flow, and where I’m feeling more of a trickle or even a blockage or stoppage. And I’m considering the ways in which I am perhaps participating in this constriction — by holding too tightly that which I fear to lose, by asking Life to hold me tight to protect me from change, for security’s sake avoiding movement and momentum and aliveness…

But the thing is: Divine Flow requires us to hold & be held through and as transformation, not instead of it.

“Where am I going on this glorious journey? To your house, of course.” — Rumi

I can’t wait to see you Saturday for song & celebration at 6:00 pm. Join us at 5:30 for wine, snacks, and community. XO, Drew