Revolutionary Patience

Dorothee Soelle, a poet, feminist, liberation theologian, coined the term “revolutionary patience” that speaks to the way in which we, as faith communities, can hold a particularly powerful and important role in the world of justice and equity for all. It asks us to hold both the sense of urgency that arises when we recognize the challenges our world faces, alongside a sense of resilience that allows us to meet any setbacks we may face with hope and faith and knowledge of the eternal. “Revolutionary patience refuses to despair even in near-apocalyptic contexts."

I will be attending a mass meeting with Rev. Dr. William J. Barber the evening before the talk, and will undoubtedly bring some of what I learned to my talk on Wednesday! If you want to join and attend the event, check it out at

Service starts at 6:30, Happy Hour starts at 6!

See you Soon,