Now What?

Easter-Eve Saturday is a strange in-between. In between the grief of Good Friday and the joy of Sunday morning, there’s this time of loss, the apparent end to everything hoped-for, the wrecked aftermath. Of course, we all know the surprise twist happy ending of that story — so we can just coast right over the desolation of Holy Saturday on our way to the triumph of Easter.

But in our lives we don’t really get to coast like this. When we encounter unanticipated endings, things not working out how we’d wanted, sudden emptiness — sometimes frustrating, sometimes discombobulating, sometimes truly tragic — it’s really hard to be confident and sure that there’s a happy ending in store. And I don’t think we’re really supposed to just leap over the grief & loss on our way to cheery optimism.

There are opportunities for us in the in-between — to know ourselves in a deeper way, to look at what we make the emptiness mean. And if we’re able to actually be with the unknown, open our hearts in the unknown, then we can actually participate in the transformation of this emptiness from absence to potentiality.

I can’t wait to see you for our service of song & celebration on Saturday at 6:00 pm. Join us for community & refreshments at 5:30. XO, Rev. Drew