Okay By Me

Here’s a common conversation: “How are you? I’m okay. How about you? I’m okay too.” We say this or something like it a dozen times most days.

It struck me recently that when I say “I’m okay” I’m often expressing a rather lackluster feeling. Just okay, fine, adequate, whatever… Like, it’s not bad to be okay, but it’s hardly spectacular. And if things were different I’d probably choose something other than merely okay.

But I suspect I’m missing out on something powerful when I do “okay” this way. I believe that there can be something rich and strong in straightforward “okay-ness.” Being okay is the very essence of integrity and wholeness. Being okay can reflect a deep awareness of our own rightness with the world. And this is a well-grounded place from which to move into everything else we wish to create and experience — everything including the spectacular, the transformational, the transcendent and inspiring.

I can't wait to see you — to be okay together — this Saturday at 6:00 pm, with my spectacular friends Patty & Sid. Join us at 5:30 for wine, community, and cheer. XO, Rev. Drew