Sunday Services Community Meeting Come Together

“If we are going to find our way back to one another, vulnerability is going to be the path.”

It’s hard not to build walls, barriers and bullet-proof vests around our hearts when we find ourselves in the midst of conflict. For many of us, we have been programmed to go into defense or attack mode, to enter into the arena and fight to the death. Yet there is also a way in which we can enter into conflict without fighting, where we can enter into disagreements and still be kind, still be civil with one another. That kind of civility requires that we be vulnerable in our sharing with one another, and help to create a safe enough space where that same vulnerability can be present for all.

Walter Drew, From CSL’s Leadership Council, will be joining us this Sunday to take our community through a process where we listen to each other, honor each other, and find our way back to one another.

Please join us for our community meeting happening at 1pm, which will be facilitated by Walter Drew and will have information shared by our Board of Trustees.

Looking forward to sharing space with you all.

See You Sunday,
Rev. Masando

Sunday, January 7, 2018 - 9:00am