Youth Ed...On the Move!
"Change your thinking...change your life."

Greetings from Youth Ed.

Each week the Youth at the Center meet during 2nd Service in 4 different groups.

Nursery - Babies to Toddlers
Early Childhood - Pre School and kindergarten
The Elementary Group - 1st Grade to 4th
Older Youth 5th and up.

Our Spiritual Concepts are explored with Fun and games that challenge us to open up to spirit and how it unfolds through us.

This Fall we have been exploring the power of thought, making choices, and the "I am" presence. "Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life" is more than an expression, we are creating games, activities, meditations and affirmations that allow each age group to find the resonance of these ideas from their own perspective.
Our winter theme will be about spirit expressing through us "I am Light I am Love." Youth Ed will be collectively creating a theatrical presentation for the Season of Light.

Past Special Events have included a Pancake Breakfast, Father's Day Burritos, Family Night, A Namaste Dance, an April Fools surprise, Sticky Buns for the Equinox, and a group Mural project.

We welcome new volunteers please stop by and visit us at 2nd Service or email us with your inquiry at:

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