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Starts Monday October 3rd
Facilitated by Mary Deaguero RScP
6:30-9:30 PM

"Let the inner ear listen to the voice of truth that is always speaking." Ernest Holmes

Do you want to live your life from a higher vision? Visioning opens up the possibilities in your life! This is the course for you.

An accredited class, the purpose of this course is to awaken to the transformational nature of Visioning, to learn the Visioning process, to understand the organic nature of manifestation and to be aware of its implementation in our lives and spiritual community.

You will acquire the following:
Learn to develop a greater awareness of God/Universe as your source .
Visioning as we teach it is a formal process and deep inner work..
However, you can carry the essence of Visioning with you when you are at work or part of a community event.
When decisions arise, ask the question: "What do you think is the highest and best idea for us now?"
Suppose that, today, you are completely living in the vision for your life. How would this day be different? Be brave. Live your dream!
"When one individual is true to his or her vision, it assists in Liberating everyone. When even one individual neutralizes or re-qualifies the thought forms of separation and lack and Limitation that run rampant in the human experience, he or she creates a spiritual vortex that allows others to be pulled Into that same vibration."
-Rev. Michael Beckwith, D.D.


Starts Thursday April 26th
facilitated by Rev. Kylie Renner
6:30-9 PM

Dare to Transform your life with a new spiritual principle each week and a spiritual practice to support that principle. The Creative Process is introduced at the beginning of the class and then flows through each week, so that the student has the opportunity to see and use the Creative Process at work in each spiritual principle.Each week also features the writing of one of our elders as well as one of our contemporaries on the subject at hand. This includes Dr. William Hornaday, Dr. Frank Richilieu, Terry Cole Whittaker, Dr. Jesse Jennings, Dr. Kathy Hearn, Dr. Linda McNamar and many more.


Thursday February 9th and 23rd
6:30-8:00 PM

We offer an orientation for new Center members every other month. Learn more about the Center's history and current programs, meet other members and discover ways to engage.

Explore what it means to be a member of this special Spiritual Community. Learn about how our organization is structured, how to get involved, and the shared values that we hold as community. This is an exciting opportunity to commit to moving into membership, ownership and leadership here at the Center.


All are welcome
May 17th 2012 6:30 PM


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